Marco Traxel aka “TRAXMAN”

I’m happy to be back in Barcelona at the GamBeat Festival again!

Ok, I have to tell something about me. Let’s start:

I have been spinning records over 15 years now and collecting vinyl (exclusively) from the age of 12. I am mainly into the sounds of the 60’s, such as Garage, Psych, R&B, Northern Soul, Beat, R’N’R, Freakbeat, Spanish, French & German Nuggets & Punk Rock from the 70’s up to now. Over the last years I’m a resident DJ in different Clubs in Germany and I have been spinning my 45s in so many different places throughout Germany, Europe and Japan being guest DJ you can’t number them anymore; and on different 60’s/Garage/Mod festivals in Europe like Le Beat Bespoke (UK), Funtastic Dracula Carnival (ESP), Beat Explosion (GER), Primitive (NL), Festival Beat (I), Purple Weekend (ESP), Hangar Rockin’ (CH), Heatwave (F), The 2 Men From L.I.N.Z. (GER), Cosmic Trip (F), GamBeat (ESP), Big Beat Bonanza (UK), Go Sinner Go (ESP), Riviera Affair (F), Kliko Fest (NL), Hipsville (UK) and of course at the Soundflat Records Ballroom Bash (GER). I focus on playing fine dancing tunes from the late 50’s over the 60’s to the early 70s for all those amazing dancin’ and yellin’ madheads that turn the evening into a party. In Cologne I also organize a 60’s dance Club called “Hip Shakin’ Beat Club”

Back in 2001 I started the record label SOUNDFLAT RECORDS.

But I will never sleep, since 2007 I have been organizing SOUNDFLAT’s own festival in Germany: THE SOUNDFLAT RECORDS BALLROOM BASH!
It’s a weekend full of cool bands that appeared on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS, Go-Go Girls, and a selection of brilliant international DJ’s.

Together with my mate Kevin the “K” I also sell orig. 45’s from the end 50’s till end 60’s under the sellername rarejerk45s!

See you in Barcelona, can’t wait!

I def. will bring these 5 topnoch psych/freakbeat/garage 45s in my box:

Graf Zeppelin -You’re In My Mind (Orlyn)
The Tears – Rat Race (Onyx)
Haymarket Riot – Trip On Out (Riot)
Tintern Abbey – Vacuum Cleaner (Deram)
Sweet Feeling – Sherry Cherie (Columbia)

And these 5 R&B, Soul toptunes on the other Hand:

Johnny Stewart – You’re Untrue (Privat)
Duane Yates – Passin’ On By (N-Joy)
Moses Smith – The Girl Across The Street (Dionn)
Young Jessie – You Were Meant For Me (Mercury)
Bruce Cloud – My Book (ERA)